Sound Waves 1 Super Challenge BLM: Unit 17 Ice-cream (PDF)

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Sound Waves Super Challenge Black Line Masters are extension activities designed to provide further practise with List, Extension and activity words by encouraging higher level, creative and critical thinking skills and engaging metalanguage thought processes.

Individual Super Challenge Black Line Masters are available for purchase as a PDF download. Each Super Challenge relates directly to the corresponding unit in the Sound Waves 1 Student Book.

Each PDF download includes:

  • Super Challenge Black Line Master (A4)
  • Answer sheet (A4)

This Super Challenge Black Line Master corresponds to the Ice-cream Unit and will ask students to:

  • Consolidate knowledge of the sound-to-letter relationship.
  • List Unit 17 Extension Words below the graphemes they contain.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Extension Word meanings by answering clues to complete a Word Puzzle.