English Stars Teaching Resources

$79.00 per class


Priced at $79 per class.

English Stars is a teaching and learning resource that covers comprehension, text types and grammar. 

For each class purchased, access includes the explicit teaching resources for all year levels from Year 3 to Year 6. With a school licence there is no extra cost for any support staff attached to each class.

Features for teachers include:

  • yearly plans and curriculum matches
  • teaching plans and concept notes
  • teaching resources – texts, videos, slideshows and reference pages
  • online activities (practice, core and extension) and answers for most activities
  • assessments with rubrics
  • classroom management tools – Eyes Up Front and activity locks
  • activity trackers, and class and student portfolios.*

* Some features are only available when a teacher is connected to a student with online + printable activities.

To order:
Use the School Licence Order Form to purchase access for your school, or log in to your Firefly Online account to purchase access for your own classroom.

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