Maths Trek Student Book 5 (Australian Curriculum Edition)



Maths Trek is a whole-school numeracy program that provides everything teachers and students need to explore maths in real-world contexts.

Written for the NEW Australian Curriculum Version 9, the Maths Trek Student Books are packed with activities, scaffolded problem-solving, engaging investigation pages and revision. When used with the explicit teaching resources at Maths Trek Online, the Student Book develops and strengthens a student’s ability to work mathematically.

Features include:

  • Maths is everywhere introductory lesson
  • over 70 topics covering all the curriculum strands
  • modelled and independent activities for every topic
  • problem-solving strategies and practice problems
  • stepped-out investigations
  • revision pages
  • maths puzzles and games.

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Dimensions 29.8 × 21 × 1.3 cm
Year Level

Year 5