Sound Waves Printable Student Book Pages

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Priced at $13 per student.

Sound Waves’ structured literacy approach is the key to reading, writing and spelling success.

Sound Waves Literacy is an evidence-informed program. Instruction builds from Foundation to Year 6 and covers four key areas of teaching: phonemic awareness, synthetic phonics, morphology and etymology.

Sound Waves Printable Student Book Pages provide students (and their teachers) access to all the Student Book pages in every year level from Foundation to Year 6.

Activities in the Printable Student Book Pages consolidate the explicit teaching of phonemes, graphemes and focus concepts. Activities include:*

  • identifying focus phonemes in words
  • segmenting words into phonemes
  • reading, writing and spelling words
  • working with spelling, vocabulary, morphology and etymology concepts.

* Features differ across year levels. Years 3–6 include extra pages for students to practise segmenting Focus Words.

To order:
Use the School Licence Order Form to purchase access for your school.

Note: This product is only available as an add-on to Sound Waves Literacy Online Teaching Resources.

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