Writing Time F (Queensland Beginner's Alphabet)

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The full-colour layout of Writing Time F is designed to teach, consolidate and extend handwriting knowledge. Writing Time F covers the introduction to handwriting in a clear and structured way. The book includes:

  • A unique, contextual code that helps students learn letter shapes
  • Songs to focus and engage young students
  • Pre-writing patterns to develop fine motor skills
  • Colourful warm-up activities that practise handwriting movements
  • Teaching banners for reference and finger tracing
  • Track, trace and copy activities that practise letter formation
  • Sight words that put focus letters in appropriate contexts
  • Letter references for left-handed students.
Student Practice Book

Writing Time F (Queensland Beginner's Alphabet) (WT_QF_Sample.pdf, 3,166 Kb) [Download]

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