Writing Time 3 (Victorian Modern Cursive)

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The full-colour layout of Writing Time 3 is designed to teach, consolidate and extend handwriting knowledge. Writing Time 3 covers handwriting in a clear and structured way. The book includes:

  • Revision of Victorian Modern Cursive alphabet to reinforce basic skills
  • Teaching banners with directional arrows for each join
  • Clever handwriting practice activities to help make joins easier to understand, and reinforce fluency and accuracy of joins
  • Fine motor art activities that provide challenging handwriting practice
  • A variety of engaging activity types, including cloze packages, letter jumbles and word matches
  • Posture, paper position and pencil grip reminders to ensure correct writing technique 
  • An adventurous jungle context that makes handwriting fun.
Student Practice Book

Writing Time 3 (Victorian Modern Cursive) (WT_V3_Sample.pdf, 4,034 Kb) [Download]

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